CSC Regional Office VII Frontline Services:

• Processing of Examination Application (CSE-Pen and Paper Test) (Professional or Subprofessional Level)

• Grant of Eligibility Under Special Laws and CSC Issuances

• Issuance of Certificate of Eligibility (CSE-Pen and Paper Test)

• Issuance of CSC Eligibility Card

• Issuance of Certification of Eligibility (Walk-in, for Lost Certificate)

• Authentication of Certificate of Eligibility (Walk-in)

• Issuance of Certificate of No Pending Administrative Case

• Issuance of Certified Copies of Documents (Appointments, Service Cards/Records, CSC Issuances and Resolutions)

• Filing of Pleadings • Counseling/Response to Queries/Assistance on Civil Service Matters

Feedback and Redress Mechanisms

Please let us know how we have served you by doing any of the following:

     • Accomplish our feedback form available in the offices and put in the drop box near the Public Assistance Complaints Desk.

     • Send your feedback through our Regional e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

     • Call us through telephone number (032) 414-7488; (032) 414-7676 or (032) 253-9050.

     • Text your feedback thru Text CSCRO7, Cell No. 09293016142

     • Talk to our OFFICER OF THE DAY

If you are not satisfied with our service, your written/verbal complaints shall immediately be attended to by the Officer of the Day at the Public Assistance and Complaints Desk.

Please be sure to click on the link below to view/download the processes for each frontline service.





THANK YOU for helping us continuously improve our services.

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