February 27, 2017

Individuals entering or applying for promotion in government service have to meet civil service eligibility, educational attainment, experience, and training requirements.

To meet training requirements, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) is offering year-round learning and development programs through its training arm, the Civil Service Institute (CSI).

While there are many available trainings outside the CSC, the Commission cited that one of the benefits of attending CSC’s training programs is that participants are given substantial knowledge and learnings from actual stories in the public service as they are joined by other civil servants, managers, and human resource experts during the training sessions.

CSC invites interested participants to join the training offers in March which include: Learning Measurement and Evaluation (March 7-8), Mentoring and Coaching for Leaders (March 8-9), Mentoring and Coaching (March 14-15), 1st quarter offering of CSI Leadership Series (March 15), Competency-Based Human Resource (March 16-17), Facilitators’ Training on Open Space Technology (March 21-22), Workplace Learning and Development (March 22-24), Succession Planning for Leaders (March 29-30), Career Development and Succession Management Programs (March 29-31).


Other training programs are also available in the regions through CSC Regional Offices.

For other details, and training requests, interested individuals may send an email to csi.oed@ csc.gov.ph, send letter via fax thru 931-4143, or call 931-4182.