16 November 2020 - The Civil Service Commission (CSC) warns the public against spurious announcements circulating online from a review class that “they can guarantee 90% passing rate.”

The Commission also clarified that it does not endorse or accredit any review center offering classes to examinees and reiterated that review centers claiming to have been accredited are not in any way connected with CSC, adding that availing of review classes will be at one’s own risk as it is not a guarantee of passing the CS exams.

The CSC emphasized that the Career Service Examination (CSE) is a general ability test that serves as a basic gauge objectively designed to determine and support the merit and fitness of an individual for government career service principally founded on the provision of the 1987 Philippine Constitution that appointments in the civil service shall be made only according to merit and fitness to be determined, as far as practicable, and, except to positions which are policy-determining, primarily confidential or highly technical, by competitive examinations.

The CSC advises the public to refer to its official website, its main Facebook Page, and its regional offices' Facebook Pages as sources of CSC-related information to avoid consuming and spreading fake news.