Theme: Transglobal Leadership
When: 12 September 2018 | 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Where: Resource Center, CSC Central Office, IBP Road, Batasan Hills, Quezon City
Fee: Php 5,000
About the CSI Leadership Series:
Pursuant to Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 26, s. 2014 and CSC Resolution No. 1401514 dated October 20, 2014, the CSI Leadership Series is a learning and networking event conducted by the CSC’s learning and development arm, the Civil Service Institute. The Program is held on quarterly basis with different themes per conduct. It was designed to inspire government executives, directors and managers to continually enhance their leadership effectiveness. It also showcases the best practices of successful leaders and managers in both the government and the private sectors. Moreover, it is based on the premise that an executive or manager has the power of influence and the capability to bring about significant impact on people and organizations especially on those they work with or whom they serve.
The theme of the 3rd quarter conduct of the CSI Leadership Series this 12 September 2018 is “Transglobal Leadership” to be held in Quezon City. Over 200 participants from the public and private sectors attend the event.
About the Theme: Transglobal Leadership
With the myriad of roles that leaders need to perform, they are faced with the needs and challenges of the constantly changing environment, collaborations, building relationships and cultural intelligence. These challenges would test their resilience and capacity to quickly adapt to rapidly changing atmospheres. This capacity defines them as a Transglobal Leader. As described by Linda Sharkey et. al (2012). Transglobal Leaders “are those who focus on building healthy and sustainable organizations wherever they are and regardless of who is making up the employee population”. In this September conduct of the CSI Leadership Series, leaders will be empowered to perform their roles with grace and ease at any stage and under any circumstance by embracing complexity and surpassing adversities.
By the end of the Program, participants shall be able to:
  • appreciate global trends and benefits of collaborating with present and future leaders which will create big impact on their leadership thinking and decision-making amidst challenging and unpredictable circumstances; 
  • understand globally-recognized thinking, systems and strategies which are essential for heightened organizational performance, excellence and future viability; and
  • learn and acquire best practices of transglobal leadership in varied organizations and select which among these are best fitted for their own leadership styles, approaches and respective workplaces.
Finally, the event will help leaders become advocates of diversity and global changes by leading effectively, fostering collaboration, championing global practices and driving results.