The Civil Service Commission (CSC) is set to administer the Fire Officer Examination (FOE) and Penology Officer Examination (POE) to a total of 53,393 examinees on 2 June 2024.

“Everything is set for the FOE and POE examinations, which will be conducted across 16 regions nationwide. The CSC anticipates the cooperation of all examinees to ensure the successful administration of the exams,” said CSC Chairperson Karlo Nograles.

Chairperson Nograles reminded examinees of the FOE to check Examination Advisory No. 7, s. 2024, and POE takers to check Examination Advisory No. 8, s. 2024 to familiarize themselves with the school assignments and important reminders in taking the exam.

The testing venue or school assignment for the FOE and POE may be generated using the Online Notice of School Assignment (ONSA). To use the ONSA, examinees should accurately encode/fill in the required data in the corresponding fields, following the indicated format.

Examinees must bring a valid ID, preferably the same ID presented during filing of application. Only black ball pens shall be used in the examination, while pencils and other kinds and colors of pens are not allowed.

Examinees must arrive before 6:30 a.m., or as required by the CSC Regional or Field Office concerned, as the gates of the testing venue shall be closed at exactly 7:45 a.m. and those who will arrive late shall not be admitted to take the exam.

Proper attire must be worn on the examination day, ideally a plain white shirt or top. Inappropriate clothing, such as sleeveless shirts/blouses, shorts, ripped jeans, and slippers, will result in denial of entry to the venue.

The CSC strictly prohibits the use of calculators during both exams. Additionally, aids such as watch calculators, tablets, books, and dictionaries are not allowed.

Bringing cellphones, smartwatches, pens or eyeglasses with cameras, or any electronic devices capable of recording video or audio is prohibited.

For the complete details on the scope of the exam and other important reminders, applicants are advised to check the said advisories, which are all accessible at the CSC website at

Passing the FOE and POE results in the conferment of the Fire Officer Eligibility and Penology Officer Eligibility, which are both second level eligibilities tailored for appointment to second level ranks in the fire protection and jail management and penology services, as well as other functionally related services. However, these eligibilities are not applicable to ranks under the Philippine National Police.