The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has maintained its position as among the top government agencies with high approval and trust ratings, placing 9th in both categories according to a recent national survey.

CSC Chairperson Karlo Nograles thanked the transacting public and the 1.9 million civil servants in the country for their continued support of the agency’s plans and programs aimed at promoting efficient and effective human resource administration in the government.

“On behalf of the 1,300-strong employees of the CSC nationwide, I would like to express our gratitude for the trust and approval that the public has given us. Ang inyong tiwala ay magsisilbing inspirasyon upang aming patuloy na maihatid nang maayos ang mga napapanahong serbisyo at programa para sa mga kapwa lingkod bayan ng bansa,” he said.

Chairperson Nograles further noted that in 2023, the CSC rolled out human resource (HR) and organization development (OD) programs, systems, and processes, alongside the formulation of civil service rules and policies, all geared towards ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of the bureaucracy in the post-pandemic era.

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) joins Muslim officials and employees in the public service in the observance of Ramadan and celebration of Eid’l Fitr.

During the period of Ramadan, the CSC encouraged Muslim civil servants to consider reporting under flexible working arrangements (FWA) aimed to accommodate their religious practices while ensuring the continuity of government operations and services.

"The CSC recognizes the significance of Ramadan to our Muslim brothers and sisters. In line with our commitment to promote inclusivity and respect for diversity, we encouraged government agencies to implement FWAs to support our Muslim employees during this sacred period," said Chairperson Karlo Nograles.

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) concluded the month-long celebration of National Women’s Month with the Piknik sa Kalikasan on 22 March 2024 at the CSC Central Office in Quezon City.

Organized by the Office for Human Resource Management and Development and the CSC Gender and Development (GAD) Focal Point System, the Piknik sa Kalikasan is the CSC’s culminating activity that symbolizes the resilience of women, mirroring the steadfastness and strength of Mother Nature herself.

“Throughout this month, we have shared stories, learned lessons, and reaffirmed our commitment to gender equality and women's empowerment. Let us gather once more to celebrate the contributions of everyone, regardless of gender, and to reaffirm our commitment to creating a more just, equitable, and inclusive society for all,” said CSC Assistant Commissioner Ariel G. Ronquillo.

Civil Service Commission (CSC) Chairperson Karlo Nograles hopes for a peaceful and meaningful Lent as the nation prepares to observe Holy Week.

In his Lenten address, Chairperson Nograles urged the 1.9 million workers of the government to reflect on the life dedicated to public service.

“We have chosen one of the most profound demonstrations of love, and how work every single day is a reflection of our love of God and country,” he said.

“Ang pagpapakita ng katapatan at kahusayan sa serbisyo publiko ay sumasalamin ng pagsasabuhay ng mga turo sa pagiging isang mabuting Kristiyano at anak ng Diyos,” he added.

In celebration of the National Women's Month, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) honored all women who were recognized during the recently concluded Awards Rites for the 2023 Outstanding Government Workers.

“As we celebrate Women’s Month, we honor the invaluable contributions of the 20 female civil servants who emerged as winners of the 2023 Search for Outstanding Government Workers. They proved that public service knows no gender. Their extraordinary dedication and impact in advancing national development inspire not only women, but all public servants on the importance of championing gender equality and pursuing excellence in government,” said CSC Chairperson Karlo Nograles.

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. conferred the Presidential Lingkod Bayan (PLB) Award to six women for their exceptional contributions, which have significantly influenced public interest, security, and patrimony nationwide. They are:

  • Raquel R. Rivera, Master Teacher I at the Alaminos City National High School in Alaminos, Pangasinan;
  • Julie Ann A. Salido, Professor III at the Aklan State University in Banga, Aklan;
  • Baguio Lead Contact Tracing Team Leader Donnabel T. Panes, Medical Officer V, and member Mischelle R. Junio, Administrative Assistant III; and
  • Landbank Agent Banking (AB) Program Team members Julie Rose C. Castro, eProducts Officer, and Rosemarie N. Guevarra, Senior eProducts Specialist.