The Civil Service Commission (CSC) will hold this year’s Leaders & Human Resource Symposium (LHRS) on 24-25 September 2024, both virtually and onsite in Pasay City.

The CSC invites leaders and human resource (HR) practitioners from across the country to participate in this event.

"We invite everyone to be part of this year's hybrid HR convention. This is a great opportunity to connect with industry leaders, share insights, and gain valuable knowledge," said CSC Chairperson Karlo Nograles.

Organized by the Civil Service Institute, the CSC's training arm, this annual learning event aims to equip HR practitioners and leaders from both the public and private sectors with the latest trends and best practices in leadership, human resource management, and organizational development (OD).

"Last year, the HR Symposium attracted 4,500 government leaders, supervisors, and HR practitioners, establishing itself as the premier gathering of professionals in the field. This year, we changed the name to Leaders and HR Symposium to highlight the crucial role of leaders in igniting new ideas and adapting to change toward public service improvement,” said Chairperson Nograles.

The 2024 LHRS, themed “Adapt Beyond Limits,” will feature speakers who will discuss the continuous evolution in HR. They will emphasize the importance of adaptability in coping with change and evolving beyond conventional constraints.

Participants will engage in five hybrid plenary sessions during the two-day convention namely: Adaptability in the Brittle, Anxious, Non-Linear, and Incomprehensible World; Thriving Amidst Change in Public Service: The Philippines Adaptive Capacity; Adaptability in the Philippine Civil Service; Customer and Stakeholder Experience Obsession; and Managing Societal Adaptability in the Context of Disaster Risk Reduction.

Meanwhile, the six hybrid concurrent sessions on personal, organizational, and societal adaptability will provide a more focused and interactive platform for in-depth discussions on specific topics related to leadership, HR management, and OD.

For more information on the 2024 LHRS and how to register, interested individuals may visit the CSC website at, or at

The 2024 Leaders & HR Symposium is one of the highlights of the 124th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary celebration in September 2024.