The CSC aims to integrate competencies in human resource systems of government agencies, not only in recruitment but also in training and employee development. The Competency-Based Learning and Development Program (CBLDP) directly addresses the problem of competency gaps. It operates under the competency-based L&D framework, an approach that uses competencies as the standards against which employee development needs are assessed and priorities are set against the need of the organization. CBLDP utilizes competencies as the foundation for designing targeted programs with learning outcomes that directly link to the competency requirements.

Under the CBLDP, trainings that are given to employees are focused on their needs. L&D opportunities include formal classroom training, on-the-job training, self-development, and development activities and interventions. CBLDP does not only refer to training, however. It corresponds to upgrading the HR maturity levels of government agencies by upgrading the competency of the individual as well. L&D interventions mold high-performing individuals who, in turn, make up high-performing organizations.


Status of the Program

At present, the CSC has begun applying competencies to its own learning and employee development processes, as it hopes to be a model in competency-based human resource management for other government agencies. Take a look at the CSC's Learning and Development Plan.


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