PSU Tips
5 Bargaining Tips
By: Benjamin Franklin

    1. Be clear, in your own mind, about exactly what you're after.
    2. Do your homework, so that you are fully prepared to discuss every aspect and respond to every question and comment.
    3. Be persistent. Don't expect to "win" the first time. Your first job is just to start the other person thinking.
    4. Make friends with the person with whom you are bargaining. Put your bargain in terms of his or her needs, advantages, and benefits.
    5. Keep your sense of humor.


Tips on Encouraging Co-workers to Action

    1. Listen.
    2. Give Co-Workers a Reason to Be Involved.
    3. Be Honest.
    4. Push Your Co-workers Harder.
    5. Stay Positive and Provide Hope.
    6. Publicize Victories.
    7. Defend Each Other.


Conflict Resolution Tips
By jenstewart

Step 1     Do it privately not publicly. This will give you and the person the opportunity to speak freely with respect.
Step 2     Do it as soon as possible. It is important to address the issues sooner than later to maintain consistency and commitment.
Step 3     Discuss one issue at a time. Do not overload a person with all of their opportunities. This can really be damaging.
Step 4     Once you have discussed your point do not keep reviewing it.
Step 5     Deal only with the actions the person can change.
Step 6     Avoid sarcasm. Sarcasm says that you are angry at the person and not their actions.
Step 7     Avoid words like ALWAYS and NEVER. The makes people very defensive and does not give a clear account of when it has happened.
Step 8     Present criticisms as suggestions or questions if possible.
Step 9     Don't apologize when present the situation to the person. This will detract from the issue and will take away the confidence the person
                had in you.
Step 10   Don't forget to compliment the person on what they do well. It is called the "sandwich" method. You want to tell them what they do well in
               the beginning, discuss the opportunity, and then end with a compliment