• Conduct fact-finding investigation;
  • Investigate cases affecting the functions of the Commission, and
  • Represent the Commission in cases pending, with the regular court or other tribunals.

Original Jurisdiction

  • Prosecute administrative disciplinary cases filed directly or instituted by the Civil Service Commission.

Liason and Legal Assistance

  • Render counseling services and other assistance to the transacting public and to the other Offices of the Commission;
  • Disseminate opinions and rulings of the Commission in coordination with Regional and Field Offices;
  • Represent employees of the Commission who are charged before the Courts or other tribunal with alleged offenses committed in connection with the performance of their duties; and
  • Render comments and recommendations on proposed legislation or bills affecting the Civil Service.

Appellate Jurisdiction

  • Evaluate and act on administrative disciplinary cases brought on appeal to the Commission;
  • Evaluate and act on cases involving decisions of agency heads involving personnel actions; and
  • Evaluate and act on cases brought on appeal involving disapproved appointments or any action/decision made by Civil Service Regional or Field Offices.

Special Task Force

  • Fast track resolution of cases that needs immediate action/decision from the Commission; and
  • Investigate complaints against Commission officials and employees.


  • Conduct research on legal issues brought before the Commission;
  • Undertake legal studies relevant to the Civil Service;
  • Serves as the training arm of the Office for Legal Affairs; and
  • Conduct training/seminars/workshops to officials and employees of the Commissions and of other agencies pertaining to legal matters


  • Provide administrative support services like records management, personnel concerns, etc.