General Functions

  1. Oversee Strategy Implementation. The OSM shall track, review, and report the performance in the 1st and 2nd Level Scorecards and implementation of initiatives to internal and external stakeholders;
  2. Develop a culture of performance management. The OSM shall secure the organizational alignment to budget, human resource, and communication and that strategy is lived in the daily operations of the organization; and
  3. Establish s system of monitoring and reporting. The OSM shall ensure that implementation and evaluation of strategies are linked to organizational performance.

Strategic Alignment Division (STRAD)

Specific Functions:

  1. Coordinate with other CSC offices to develop and maintain a targeted research agenda for organizational and personnel management programs;
  2. Conduct special studies on CSC programs’ effectiveness and efficiency, and carry out analyses of management improvements;
  3. Collect data and conduct data analysis;
  4. Prepare specifications of data requirements for development of relevant IT-Based applications;
  5. Manage databases for management information, research and other purposes; and
  6. Maintain appropriate linkages with other government agencies as well as private entities on matters related to organizational and personnel research and information.

In addition, the division shall perform the following functions pertaining to the implementation of the Performance Governance System:

1. Best Practices Sharing – facilitate process to identify and share best practices and replicate these processes to the entire organization;

2 .Strategy Communication – establish a comprehensive communication and education process focused on building a common understanding of the strategy;

3. Organization Alignment – bring down and cascade the strategy to smaller units, and build synergies that will enable strategy execution;

4. Human Capital Alignment – ensure alignment of each CSC official and employee with the strategy to motivate and reward performers;

5. MSAC Secretariat – provide support and secretariat services to the Multi – Sectoral Advisory Council;

Financial Resource Management (FRM)

Specific Functions:

1. Prepare and submit to the Commission monthly status report of cash allocation;

2. Fund various claims;

3. Prepare quarterly projection of PS Savings for the CSC Central and Regional Offices;

4. Analyze and review on a quarterly basis, releases of NCA vis-à-vis annual allotment per Special Allotment Release Order (SARO)

5. Prepare and submit Summary Report of NCA releases by Offices and Object of Expenditures

6. Prepare and submit to the Commission on a quarterly basis monthly utilization of NCA releases

7. Analyze and prepare monthly MOOE balances of all offices in the Central Office

Strategic Management Division (SMD)

Specific Functions:

1. Assist the Commission in the formulation of CSC long-range annual plans;

2. Monitor and evaluate annual work programs and accomplishments;

3. Evaluate/access the year-end performance of the to performing offices;

4. Provide support to the different offices relative to their performance and the attainment of their respective office targets;

5. Conduct CSC Conferences

6. Prepare year-end and other reports for the Commission and other agencies

In connection with the implementation of the PGS, the division shall perform the following functions:

1. Strategy Development – facilitate building consensus towards identifying the strategic direction of its elements;

2. Scorecard Management – design and ensure appropriateness and integrity of the scorecard infrastructure for regular reporting on performance;

3. Initiative Management – identify and manage key strategic initiatives to ensure timely completion of high impact projects;

4. Strategy Review Process – ensure effectiveness and regularity of strategy reviews and learning meetings; and

5. Secretariat functions of the PGS Technical Working Group.