• Exercises overall supervision/administer the Commission’s Public Assistance/Client Relations Program;
  • Exercises overall supervision/administers the Honor Awards Program for the Civil Service;
  • Leads the overall development, implementation, and evaluation of the CSC's strategic communications in line with its priority programs and policies to drive key messages, reach target audiences, and monitor results



General Functions

Develops, implements, and evaluates CSC's Integrated Marketing and Communication Plan.

      • Manages content for CSC's official internal and external channels (social media, CSC website, official quarterly magazine, online monthly newsletters, corporate materials;

      • Ensures CSC's key messages and its corporate and visual identity are communicated across all platforms and materials;

      • Handles and strengthens media relations;

      • Develops communication campaigns for the CSC’s priority programs; and

      • Coordinates with the CSC Correspondents' Network (CNet), the delegated information officers of the Commission in the Central and Regional Offices. 


General Functions 

      • Administers the Honor Awards Program (HAP) as the National Secretariat:

- Facilitates all activities throughout the nomination process of the annual Search for Outstanding Government Workers, from the call for nominations until the submission of awardees/finalists to the Office of the President;

- Conducts the Awards Rites for Outstanding Government Workers in partnership with the Office of the President;

- Facilitates benefits administration and provide technical assistance for awardees in inquiries or concerns regarding policy implementation on provision of benefits by their agencies;

- Implements the Pamanang Lingkod Bayani (PLBi) program; 

- Implements and/or amend policies and implementing guidelines of the rewards and incentives programs;

- Coordinates with Regional HAP Secretariats in CSC Regional and Field Offices throughout the nomination process, and 

- Initiates studies or research work related to rewards and incentives, civil servant profiling  

      • Manages the Public Assistance Center (PAC) and Contact Center ng Bayan (CCB) under the CSC’s Public Assistance Program:
        Leads the implementation of the CSC’s Public Assistance Program;

- Manages the Customer Feedback and Satisfaction Survey as a means to monitor customer satisfaction with CSC’s services;

- Serves as Vice-Chairperson of the CSC’s Committee on Anti-Red Tape on CART;

- Manages daily operations of PAC and recommend programs or innovations related to public assistance;

- Manages CCB operations and ensure compliance with target resolution rates and compliance rates, and other targets related to Hotline 8888 referrals and feedback on CSC’s internal services;
- Provides data in support of streamlining process and continuous improvement; and

- Partners with government agencies in related programs to support the implementation of statutory laws on efficient government service delivery and customer satisfaction. 

      • Oversees public information campaigns and related activities for promotion and marketing of HAP, CCB, and PAC/PAP.