... moving towards responsive management and responsible public sector unionism.

Harnessing PSU

Harnessing Public Sector Unionism (PSU) is one of the major thrusts of the Civil service Commission. It is in the pursuit of this objective that the Commission restored on March 3, 2003 under CSC Resolution No. 03-0328 the Office for Personnel Relations (OPR) which was abolished in 1994. It was renamed Personnel Relations Office (PRO) and given the challenging task of promoting responsive management and responsible public sector unionism as key partners to effective governance.
The PRO handles all concerns on public sector unionism in National Government Agencies (NGAs), Local Government Units (LGUs), State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and Government-Owned or Controlled Corporations (GOCCs) nationwide.
Composed of three (3) divisions - the Registration, Accreditation and CNA Division, Conciliation and Education Division and the Public Sector Labor Management Council (PSLMC) Concerns Division, the PRO is committed to the creation of harmonious working atmosphere between a management and an employee’s organization which mutually respect each other’s rights.

PRO Programs/Services

Registration of Employees’ Organizations

The process by which an employees’ organization acquires legal personality so as to be entitled to the rights and privileges under Executive Order (E.O.) No. 180 upon compliance with the documentary requirements and the issuance of the corresponding certificate of registration by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the CSC.

(See Primer on PSU Registration)

Accreditation of Employees’ Organization

The process by which a registered employees’ organization enjoying the majority support of the agency’s rank-and-file employees is conferred by the CSC the status of sole and exclusive negotiating agent on terms and conditions of employment not fixed by law.

(See Primer on PSU Accreditation)

Registration of Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA)

The process by which the Agreement concluded between the management and the accredited employees’ organization is found to have complied with the documentary requirements and accordingly issued the corresponding certificate of registration by the CSC. Such registration shall be a bar to any petition questioning the majority status of the accredited employees’ organization during the term of the Agreement, except within sixty (60) days before the expiration thereof. The term of the Agreement shall in no case exceed three (3) years.

(See Primer on CNA)

(See Primer on CNA Registration)

Labor Education Program/Conciliation Services

- Extends conciliation services to prevent impending employee-management dispute or settle an existing one.
- Conducts information campaign, orientation seminars, pre-CNA conferences and other forms of technical assistance.
Public Sector Labor Management Council (PSLMC) Concerns