The Report Card Survey (RCS) is a client feedback survey used to check government service offices’ compliance with the provisions of the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007. It provides a quantitative measure of user perceptions on the quality, efficiency, and adequacy of public services.

Apart from being a data collection exercise, the RCS also helps exact public accountability through media coverage and civil society advocacy that accompany the process.

Objectives of the RCS

1. To obtain feedback on how agencies follow provisions in their Citizen’s Charter
2. To obtain information/estimates of hidden costs incurred by clients in accessing frontline services
3. To rate agency performance and client satisfaction in relation to frontline service delivery

How is the RCS carried out?

Thirty (30) clients within the premises of the service office are interviewed immediately after they availed of any frontline service.

The survey’s main output is a Report Card showing the scores of a government office on various areas. Scores are based on the rating made by respondents/clients interviewed and on the field inspection report accomplished by the interviewer.

report card sample(sample Report Card)

RCS Core Areas and Sub-Areas

Core Area 1: Compliance with ARTA Provisions

1.1  Citizen’s Charter (containing service commitments on transaction steps, cost, and time)
1.2  Anti-Fixing Campaign
1.3  No Noon Break Policy
1.4  ID/Nameplates
1.5  Public Assistance and Complaints Desk
1.6  No Hidden Costs

Core Area 2: Overall Client Satisfaction

2.1  Frontline Service Providers (timeliness, knowledge, competence, courtesy and extra mile, fairness and ethical treatment)
2.2  Service Quality (overall transaction time and outcome)
2.3  Physical Setup
2.4  Basic Facilities
2.5  Respondent’s Satisfaction


Responses to the Survey Questionnaire account for 80% of the rating while the remaining 20% represents the observations of RCS field interviewers which are reported in the Inspection Checklist.

Excellent numerical rating of 90 to 100 with no failed/delinquent rating in any sub-area
Outstanding                     numerical rating of 90 to 100 with a failed/delinquent rating in any sub-area
Good numerical rating of 80 to 89.99
Acceptable numerical rating of 70 to 79.99
Failed numerical rating of 69.99 and below, or with a failed rating in any of the two core areas

From the pool of service offices with Excellent rating, the CSC validates the results of the RCS. Those that have shown consistent high quality service are awarded the Citizen’s Satisfaction Center Seal of Excellence along with a cash prize of P100,000, which the office can use to further enhance their service delivery.