Team CSC RO1 geared up for its FY 2024 operation with the conduct of the internal General Assembly/ Conversation on January 12, 2024. Officials and employees from the CSC Regional Office I and from the Field Offices in Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union, Eastern Pangasinan, and Western Pangasinan joined the event via hybrid mode. Spearheaded by Director IV Hedy Jose B. Lardizabal and Director III Cornelia M. Rillera, the activity paved the discussions on the 2024 office targets in various core areas, re: Management Services, Examinations, Human Resource Management, Legal Services, Appointments Processing, Policies and Systems Evaluation, Anti-Red Tape, and Public Assistance Services.

The highlights include the alignment of RO targets to the current thrust of the CSC which is the digitalization of its processes and maintaining efficiency in the implementation of its programs. In his message to the plenary, Director IV Lardizabal shared the importance of sustaining a healthy line of communication across all work units and field offices. He mentioned that the gigantic task of upholding excellence in office operation is never difficult if everyone’s efforts are aligned to the vision of the Region to provide effective and efficient service to the people in the locality.

Along the advent of digitalization, the public has a lot to expect from CSC RO1 effective 2024.  The enhanced Civil Service Eligibility Verification System (CSEVS) will be fully implemented for faster verification of CSC-granted eligibilities. The Career Service Computerized Examinations (COMEX) shall be continuously scheduled in the region. The applicants for the Career Service Examination Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) will have a relief from long queue of applicants in the field offices because of the adoption of the Online Civil Service Examination Application System (OCSEAS). Likewise, the Online Appointments Processing System (OAPS) shall be implemented by the field offices to facilitate faster processing/attestation of appointments.

Director III Rillera closed the event with the message: “With teamwork, we will overcome every challenge and we will have happy journey in 2024, along with the family of government agencies in Region 1.”


Aiza R. Faminialagao