THE CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION REGIONAL OFFICE IX (CSC RO IX) was established in 1972 pursuant to the reorganization of the Civil Service Commission from its inception in December 1971, then officially known as the Civil Service Regional Office VIII.

Exactly twenty-one (21) years therefrom or on September 24, 1993 from original start-up, the CSC RO IX inaugurated its new office atop a hill in Cabatangan, Zamboanga City.

The present site was formerly that of the defunct Ministry of Human Settlements (MHS) and transferred without cost to the CSC RO IX by the Strategic Investment and Development Corporation (SIDCOR). The transfer of the MHS building was accompanied by a donation of approximately 7.7 hectares of land in the Cabatangan area. 

Today, the CSC RO IX stands tall and proud on top of the hill, bearing witness to the multifarious historical events that plagued the City, yet untarnished by any, as it remains loyal and committed to the mission and vision of the Civil Service Commission.

Transferring from its former site at the 3rd Floor, Fermin Building at Veterans Avenue, Zamboanga City, the CSC RO IX found its first home at the 2nd Floor of the Mendoza Building in Pilar Street, right at the heart of the City, at its inception in December of 1971, then officially known as the Civil Service Regional Office VIII.  It was opened to the public on May 8, 1972 with Atty. Bella A. Amilhasan as its first Regional Director.

The establishment of the CSC RO VIII (later to become CSC RO IX found legal basis in Section 8 of Republic Act 2260, as amended by RA 6040, which specifically provided, thus:

“xxx the Commissioner of Civil Service may, as the public interest may require, establish regional offices of the CSC at Dagupan City, Tuguegarao (Cagayan), Naga City, Iloilo City, Cebu City, Tacloban City, City of Cagayan de Oro, Davao City and Zamboanga City xxx.” (highlight  supplied)

In its first year of operation, CSC RO IX operatives known as “Magnificent Seven” was composed of:

  • Atty. Bella A. Amilhasan     -           Regional Director
  • Mr. Crisanto D. Madriaga   -           Examination Rater Supervisor
  • Mr. Plaridel E. Cortes, Jr.    -           Supervising Personnel Transactions Examiner
  • Ms. Anastacia Imbuido       -           Examination Rater II
  • Ms. Evangeline B. Quebral -           Personnel Transactions Examiner
  • Mr. Maximo S. Cruz, Jr.      -           Personnel Transactions Examiner
  • Mr. Walter A. Benedict        -           Janitor

From the Magnificent Seven during its inception, the warm bodies has grown to forty-nine (49) personnel, effectively and efficiently operating the Regional Office, thru the Examination Services Division; Human Resource Division, Legal Services Division, Management Services Division, Public Assistance and Liaison Division, and the Policies Systems Evaluation Division.

The Regional Office is currently comprised of forty-one (41) men and women to include the Director IV and Director III.

Those who have served as Regional Director of CSC RO IX were Atty. Bella A. Amilhasan, Mauro A. Lacuna, Linda U. Ampatuan, Romeo C. De Leon, Nestor L. Suguitan, Jorge M. Agena,  Ernesto R. Basa (concurrent Deputy Executive Director), Esperanza Agudo-Enego,  Rogelio C. Limare, Assistant Commissioner Elmer R. Bartolata, Macybel Alfaro-Sahi. The current incumbent is Alvin R. Araneta.

Having served as Assistant Regional Director were Marcela B. Reyes, Ruben G. Ticse, Vivencio N. Muego, Jr., Evalyn I. Fetalino, Rudencio C. Eduave, Lucila T. Mendoza, Ireneo A. Morales, Vicente P. Escarian, Imelda Abueg, Macybel Alfaro-Sahi, Lilia C. Clamor, and Alvin R. Araneta. The current incumbent is Mario Jose T. Cunting.

Today, the CSC RO IX’s area of responsibility covers the following:

  • City of Zamboanga
  • Zamboanga del Norte
  • Zamboanga del Sur
  • Zamboanga Sibugay
  • City of Isabela

At the fore of all the activities and programs of this Regional Office are the forty-one (41) men and women who dare to bring public service nearest to the public and this Office closest even to the remotest of all municipalities.  They have carried on their shoulders and in their hearts the responsibilities and the raison d’etre of this Office. They are now in at the fore in further strengthening the linkages already established with other offices as well as in forging new ones with those with whom no linkages have yet been established.  Their efforts are also focused towards fortifying the confidence of the public in the Civil Service Commission.

Presently, the edifice which houses the Regional Office proudly stands on the hills of Cabatangan, which was once witness to the infamous “Cabatangan Siege” in 2001 where MNLF elements battled with the Armed Forces of the Philippines,  the Zamboanga Siege in 2013, and the multifarious other manmade and natural calamities that befell Zamboanga City.  The CSC RO IX, indeed, has gone a long way in achieving its goals. Neither the rugged and rocky roads leading to the CSC RO IX, nor the constant threat to security to its occupants pose any barrier to the realization of its vision and mission.

CSCRO IX boasts of its unique and beautiful office. It is also one of the four of 16 CSC regional offices which, in 2014, represented the CSC in the Full Performance Audit in the Performance Governance System institutionalization stage.

Thereby, CSC RO IX earned for the entire CSC not only the Institutionalized Status but also its Governance Trailblazer Award from the Institute for Solidarity in Asia. 

CSC RO IX has been catapulted to land on top post and is, thus, the Best Performing Regional Office of the Civil Service Commission in its 2014 Results Based Performance Management System (RBPMS) as measured in 2015 under the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS). 

It is also accredited by the Investors in People (IiP), the only international accrediting body on human resource and organization development, particularly on Good People Management Practices on June 16, 2015.